[Samba] Log in without username and password

Carl Chen chencc98 at 163.com
Thu Sep 27 11:21:13 GMT 2007



Could you please help?

My problem is below.

I install the Samba 2.2.7 rpm on AIX 5.3 which is downloaded from IBM Linux
Tools for AIX. I can start smbd and nmbd successfully. 

My smb.conf is like below.


Workgroup = TEST         # TEST is my domain name

Netbios name = aixserver

Security = DOMAIN

Encrypt passwords  = yes       

Create mask = 0775

Null password = yes


I add a unix id test1, and then I add it into smbpasswd by this command
smbpasswd -a test1 -n

In windows, I have a lan id test1. When I open \\aixserver
<file:///\\aixserver>  using this lan id, I still need to use username and

So how can I open \\aixserver <file:///\\aixserver>  without username and
password? But "security = domain" should be kept.


Please help! Thanks.



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