[Samba] smbldap-useradd problem

Quinn Fissler qfissler at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 19:05:14 GMT 2007

Does it work if you run it as root?

On 26/09/2007, Frank Van Damme <frank.vandamme at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear list,
> Arghl! (I'm sure you know the feeling).
> I'm still hooked on Samba by example, and trying to add users to my ldap
> tree.
> $ smbldap-useradd -m -a ldaptest2
> Can't call method "get_value" on an undefined value at
> /usr/sbin/smbldap-useradd line 197
> The documentation of the smbldap scripts mentions this sort of error
> (albeit with a different line number). Two possible problems are
> proposed:
> 1. the default group defined in smbldap.conf does not exist (the one
> with defaultUserGid 513)
> 2. the NT "Domain Users" group is not mapped to a unix group of rid 513
> => I checked both. The group exists, it's called "Domain Users", I can
> chgrp a file on the samba/ldap system to 513 and ls -l shows it's
> owned by Domain Users.
> => $ net groupmap list
> shows thet "Domain Users" is linked to a group called "Domain Users"
> (which makes sense).
> If I leave the option -a of smbldap-useradd, the command completes
> with no error but off course my new user isn't a Windows user then
> (pretty useless). So it's not an LDAP permissions issue since the
> object /is/ created. (Why can't this script be a bit more verbose?)
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