[Samba] Samba vs Microsoft Logon Protocols

Server Gremlin servergremlin at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 20:02:14 GMT 2007


    I am trying to figure out how the different values for "max 
protocol" and "min protocol" (as seen in the smb.conf man page under the 
"max protocol" section) correlate to the Microsoft jargon for the 
different logon protocols.  Here is what I've determined.  Could some 
please verify this for me?

Samba                     Microsoft
CORE                     ??? (Something really old that I don't care about)
COREPLUS           ??? (Something really old that I don't care about)
LANMAN              LAN Manager (LM)
LANMAN2            LAN Manager (LM)
NT1                        NTLMv1
** Not Supported   NTLMv2

    Microsoft does not seem to differentiate between a LANMAN and a 
LANMAN2 on their website, I usually just see references to a "LAN 
Manager (LM)".  I never see a reference on Microsoft.com to an "NT1" 
protocol; I think what the smb.conf man page refers to as NT1 is 
NTLMv1.  And I believe that Samba does not support the latest and 
greatest NTLMv2.

Is all that accurate?

- SG

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