[Samba] NT4 migration: does it get passwords too?

Alexander Lazarevich alazarev at itg.uiuc.edu
Tue Sep 25 16:30:29 GMT 2007

We've got samba 3 on linux fedora core 7 server. I'm trying to use the NT 
Migration Using the tdbsam backup (cahpter 9), from the Samba-Guide from 
samba.org. I've can setup a proper samba PDC with a tdbsam backend, and 
join an XP client to it, it all works. So then I change samba to be a 
backup domain controller for the NT4 domain, and follow the instructions 
to the tee. The migration seems succesful, the user accounts are migrated, 
but none of the passwords are migrated.

Let me get this strait. Is the migration supposed to get the paswords? Or 
not? The actual command that does the work is 'net rpc vampire...', is 
that supposed to grab the passwords? Or is it just getting the objects, 
without passwords?



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