[Samba] installing Samba as non-root user at work - please help.

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Mon Sep 24 17:07:17 GMT 2007


On 9/22/07, Wolfgang Ratzka <ratzka at hrz.uni-marburg.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> > Speaking of ports, I specify ports of 1445 and 1139 for smdb, since I
> cannot
> > use a port below 1024 without having root access.  Similarly, I attempt
> to
> > use higher port when I start nmdb.
> Even if this would work, you would be stuck with the problem  of
> convincing your windows system to talk to these ports.

Lets assume I can get the windows system to specify the non-standard port
number (perhaps using the common colon ":" notation).  The facility is there
in samba to use non-standard ports, so I have to imagine that someone has
installed and run samba successfully as non-root and with non-standard
ports.  I guess I'm not willing to give up so easily.

I suppose the first step is to correct those errors I was getting when
running smdb and nmdb.  Does anyone have any suggestions to resolve those?
If I can at least get those to run with the non-standard ports, then I think
I'd have a good chance of mapping the drive in Windows.

> Given the information I've provided, and knowing that I do not have root
> > access, can anyone provide any information to at least steer me in the
> right
> > direction?  I greatly appreciate your help.
> Without root access you can pretty much give up on installing samba. If
> your linux box allows ssh access, you might want to try something like
> winscp to transfer your files from and to windows.

I've used such tools, but it's no substitute for directly mapping my home
directory as a windows drive.

Thank you,

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