[Samba] VFAT filesystem and large files

t-wynnychenko at northwestern.edu t-wynnychenko at northwestern.edu
Sat Sep 22 15:20:56 GMT 2007


I was trying to keep the USB drive as FAT so that I could easily move it a Windows machine if necessary.

anyway, i found the reference (i don't know why i was having trouble last night) - 

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Aug 24 16:00:45 GMT 2006

Mattias Rönnblom wrote:

> When copying large files from my Windows XP machine 
> to this share, smbd seem to "reserve" (by using ftruncate())
> the space needed on the USB disk before actually doing
> any copying. This ftruncate() operation takes quite
> a while when the file is large. It may even cause the
> client to time out.
> Would you consider this a problem in Samba or in 
> the VFAT filesystem driver?

IIRC our stance is that it's a problem with the
VFAT driver.  This issue has some up before.

so, that is more than a year old - is there more information about this at this point.  i tried
specifying "strict allocate = no" - but that did not change anything.

bye - ted

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