[Samba] Samba Domain and Vista Profiles

Andrea Venturoli ml at netfence.it
Sat Sep 22 14:25:06 GMT 2007

I've googled around, but I couldn't find anything really like my problem.
I've got a newtwork with a Samba PDC and BDC (both running 3.0.25 on 
FreeBSD with ldapsam_compat backend). Everything works fine with Windows 
2000/XP with roaming profiles in //PDC/user/profile (it even worked with 
98 back when there was a few), but now I had to add a Vista Business 
laptop. This joined the domain with no real troubles, but it won't 
upload the user profile.
It creates //PDC/user/profile.V2 belonging to user and with 700 
permissions, but never writes anything into this folder.
I tried playing with the registry, changing folder permissions, deleting 
this folder (and let Windows recreate it or doing that manually), adding 
a symlink to //PDC/user/profile and following a couple of other 
suggestions I stumbled upon while googling, but came up to nothing.
Can anyone help? Is there something specific I can lookup in the logs?

  bye & Thanks

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