[Samba] installing Samba as non-root user at work - please help.

Wolfgang Ratzka ratzka at HRZ.Uni-Marburg.DE
Sat Sep 22 11:11:19 GMT 2007


> Speaking of ports, I specify ports of 1445 and 1139 for smdb, since I cannot
> use a port below 1024 without having root access.  Similarly, I attempt to
> use higher port when I start nmdb.

Even if this would work, you would be stuck with the problem  of
convincing your windows system to talk to these ports.

> Given the information I've provided, and knowing that I do not have root
> access, can anyone provide any information to at least steer me in the right
> direction?  I greatly appreciate your help.

Without root access you can pretty much give up on installing samba. If
your linux box allows ssh access, you might want to try something like
winscp to transfer your files from and to windows.

Wolfgang Ratzka

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