[Samba] What management of samba is available for large scale deployment

Felipe Augusto van de Wiel felipe at paranacidade.org.br
Fri Sep 21 15:43:31 GMT 2007

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D G Teed wrote, On 21-09-2007 08:17:
> Thanks for the response, Felipe.

	You are welcome.

> I mean something like this: the Windows user would
> right click on their folder which they have full access to,
> and select users to which they would like to assign
> read/modify/write access.  In what I understand, this
> is possible from Novell Netware - probably via the client
> driver.  As it is faculty, it is difficult to take away freedoms
> without complaints.

	As Adam already pointed, I also thinks that works from
the Windows clients, probably just needs some test. But be
aware (and keep in mind) that SMB networks are quite different
from Novell Netware. I remember that one can use MARS_NWE to
provide Netware access, and if I'm not wrong Samba has some
support for it also, but it is far from the Novell proprietary
solution or from something like NDS (Novell Directory).

> The LDAP suggestion is a good one for controlling departments,
> but there are always lots of other associations we cannot predict,
> like who becomes a Teaching Assistant for some faculty member
> and needs access to grade assignments.  In these scenarios,
> self-administer is ideal.

	No, this is very relative. Although you can't predict,
you can always react, you can even give group control over LDAP
tools for some people, once somebody appears in the group it
inherits the permissions, but this is a design story and it is
a complete different one. :-)

	Kind regards,
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