[Samba] Can not write to shared drive do to permissions

Jared Herzog maestrojed at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 21 05:24:50 GMT 2007

I am brand new to linux and Samba.  I just installed samba for my first time.  I set the path to a second hd in my system.  I also set the permissions of that drive to 0777  but I any time I try to write to that drive (locally or via a network connection/samba connection) I get a permissions error.  Any idea why?  

In my sbm.conf, in the section I set the path I have:
    read only = no
which I think is correct.  I also have.
    force user = username
    force group = username
Could this be causing my problem since the owner and group of that drive is root (not username)?  Is it smart or normal in linux to assign a drive's owner and group to a user not the root?  I only have and plan on having one user for this computer.

Thank you for your help.

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