[Samba] Migrating to LDAP

Tim Bates tin at new-life.org.au
Thu Sep 20 23:46:11 GMT 2007

Felipe Augusto van de Wiel wrote:
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> Tim Bates wrote, On 19-09-2007 23:29:
>> Can anyone point me to a guide on migrating Linux and Samba accounts to 
>> LDAP? I can only find part guides, and I can't figure out how to get the 
>> account data combined (without a lot of manual effort).
>> I can get the Linux accounts over no problems. I then tried to do 
>> "pdbedit -i tdbsam -e ldapsame -s /path/to/modified/smb.conf", but it 
>> only manages to stuff things up by skipping the real accounts and 
>> creating the system accounts (which I don't want).
>> I then tried clearing the LDAP data and doing the pdbedit thing first. 
>> But it still skips real users and just creates the systems accounts. It 
>> does say it created the real users, but they don't appear.
>> I don't really want to have to reset all the passwords and rejoin all 
>> the PCs to the domain... So I need a method of doing this.
> 	Check sambaldap-tools (smbldap-tools) from IdealX, it
> probably has what you want. :-)
Already looked. Doesn't seem to. I always thought they did it aswell, 
but it seems they don't.

> Ignaciou Coupeau tutorials are also nice (even if they are somewhat out-of-date).
Seems more interested in starting from scratch or migrating from older 
LDAP based installs. Nothing about going from another backend to LDAP.

> And of course, the Samba By Example and Samba Official HOWTO are the
> best and official source of information about it.
Same as above... Unfortunately.

Tim B

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