[Samba] winbind and local groups

Philipp Wagner lists at philipp-wagner.com
Thu Sep 20 22:30:01 GMT 2007


I got a Samba setup with an samba server being part of a Windows Domain,
which is working great. I can authenticate using all domain users and so
on without any problem.
Now I added a local group named "rai-additional" to my samba system and
added a domain user to that group (using DOMAIN+username).
"getent passwd DOMAIN+username" the domain groups and "rai-additional"
as groups, which is exactly what I want.
Unfortunately, when I set "valid users = @rai-additional", the user
DOMAIN+username cannot access the share. It works if I use a domain
group, e.g. "valid users = @DOMAIN+some-group". So it seems Samba just
ignores local groups. That also seems the conclusion made some other
times in the past (unfortunately, all of them around two years ago) [1].

Now my question would be: is there a workaround for this or is this
planned for a future samba release? Or am I just doing something wrong
and it is already possible? Unfortunately, I couldn't find any notice of
that in the official documentation (maybe I just use the right search

Thank you for your help!



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