[Samba] pdbedit -P "password history" doesn't work !!

Hubert Choma hubert.ch at wp.pl
Wed Sep 19 09:36:54 GMT 2007

Hi !
This is my firs post here. I've got a problem with password history 
policy -C 3 which doesn't work !!
I set policy
pdbedit -P "maximum password age" -C 777600 (90days)
pdbedit -P "minimum password age" -C 691200 (80days)
           "user must logon to change password" -C 2
           "password history" -C 3

On clients (XP PRO) some of people doesn't see warrning with "password 
expired" information and password history doesn't work !!! I can set 
still the same password .

My backend is smbpasswd in smb.conf .I tried with pdbedit but when I 
changed backend after restarting samba XP cannot login because it must 
be added to domain again. In my production serwer I use smbpasswd 
backend. So I don't want to add all computers again to domain!!! SID of 
domain is the same like before !
Why after changing backend i must add again computer to domain??
To use pdbedit policies which backend should I use ??

Please help!!!

My ver. of samba
Version 3.0.26a-0.fc7

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