[Samba] samba - ad domain trust windows 2003 native mode

werner maes werner.maes at cc.kuleuven.be
Wed Sep 19 07:31:49 GMT 2007


Is it possible to establish an interdomain trust between samba 
3.0.25c and Windows 2003 Active Directory in Windows 2003 native mode?
According to the howto Chapter 18, last phrase it is not: "It works 
with Samba-3 and NT4 domains, and also with Samba-3 and Windows 200x 
ADS in mixed mode ".

But Volcker Lendecke replied on a mail in the samba mailing list:

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Subject:    <http://marc.info/?t=118185663000009&r=1&w=2>Re: [Samba] 
Local accounts and AD
Date:       <http://marc.info/?l=samba&r=1&w=2&b=200706>2007-06-15 15:49:52

 > >I can't establish a trust because AD is running in native mode.  To
 > > establish a trust domain AD must be running in mixed mode.  At least
 > > this is how I understand the problem.
That's a wrong assumption. You can certainly use a trust in
native mode. The only thing you can not do anymore is
install an NT4 BDC into the domain that was converted to

So my question: what's the story on this? As for now I cannot make 
the trust work (samba as the trusting domain).

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