[Samba] samba3+openldap:Problem during the LDAP search

Edmund Lin edmund.lin at pangeo.com
Wed Sep 19 03:04:01 GMT 2007

I'm sorry that I'm new to LDAP. We used to use tdbsam as the passdb backend.
I wish I had time to learn more about LDAP but I need to finish this in
these few days. I just followed the steps from Samba guide chapter 5 and got
stucked at the point of joining domain. I also use ldapsearch -x uid=root
and see the root account's information. If this is not the right way, would
you tell me how to check it and correct it?  I swear I will study LDAP in
depth after I get through this. 

And I can use the root account/password to access the share folders of the
server without joining the domain.


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> But now another problem happened: when I tried to join a Winxp to the 
> domain, after I enter the root account and password, a popup said 
> "logon failure:unknown user name or bad password".
> I can see root account using slapcat. 

Why are you using slapcat to see if there is a root account in the Dit?
This seems like an alarm-bell that you need to slow down and learn a little
bit more about LDAP and the LDAP tools before proceeding.

> I used smbldap-passwd to change the
> root's password.
> If I change the passdb backend to tdbsam, I can join the domain.
> Any idea?

Everything with the tdbsam is pretty much automated for you;  to work with
an LDAP SAM you need more "glue" and to get that to work you need a working
understanding of the different layers.

Do you have an add user script setup?

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