[Samba] Questions about using Winbind to auth linux users

Emmanuel Lesouef e.lesouef at crbn.fr
Tue Sep 18 15:38:21 GMT 2007

Hi there,

I have some questions about authenticating linux users against Active
Directory 2003 using winbind.

My server is a member of an AD 2003 domain. It is running Samba Version
3.0.23c-2.el5.2.0.2 on a RHEL5.

First of all, authentication is working. But I have some smaller
issues :

* wbinfo -u is very, very slow when dumping AD users. About 30 seconds.
Whereas wbinfo -g is instantaneous. How can I make it go faster ?
I'm interested in this answer as I suspect it to be the root of all

* Using finger to have more infos about an AD user is also very slow.
Probably a nss problem but... Almost sure it is related to the first

* Using 'ls -al' on an AD user's home directory is very slow and gives
unix permissions as follows :

[root at oracle1 CRBN]# ll
total 4
drwx------ 4 CRBN\elesouef CRBN\ssiom 4096 sep 18 15:15 elesouef

Is it possible to strip the domain part of these permissions ?

* And finally, is it possible to restrict authentications to this AD
Samba domain member to a particular OU, such as :


Thanks for your help.

Emmanuel Lesouef
t : 0231069671
e : e.lesouef at crbn.fr

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