[Samba] cannot create users on the fly

John Sweeney johns at erc.org.au
Tue Sep 18 07:18:38 GMT 2007

Hi all, I am going nuts with this problem. I upgraded from 3 to 3.0.25b
and can no longer add users or machines to my linux box on the fly. It
used to work perfectly. My linux machine is a domain member, working as
a file server, I am using ADS as security and nss backend for the idmap
and winbind. While new users are authenticated OK off the domain server
and winbind can see them there, samba doesn't call the create new users
(or the create machine accounts, either) on the linux box so does not
create their home directories. I have trawled through all the faq's,
howtos, and lists on the net that I can find and have found nothing that
resolves the problem. What is the purpose of the create new users script
if it NEVER gets called? Or can anyone please tell me under what
conditions it DOES get called, because I cannot create them.

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