[Samba] Backup of Samba Server files

Ryan Novosielski novosirj at umdnj.edu
Mon Sep 17 20:39:03 GMT 2007

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Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
> Steve Scanavarro schrieb:
>> Hello everyone.
>> I have a Samba+LDAP server running here in my company.
>> Everything is working fine, but I'm now worried about the backup of my
>> configurations.
>> In the LDAP, I just slapcat my base to an ldif file and that's everything
>> ok!
>> But in Samba, if I need to upgrade to a new machine, how am I gonna be
>> able
>> to create another Samba server, with the SAME configurations? By "same
>> configurations", I mean, same domain name, same netbios name and without
>> asking all my 400 users to exit the domain COMPANY (old machine) and
>> joining
>> the COMPANY (yeah, same name) of the new machine again?
>> In the past, when the MS Active Directory was used here, we used to
>> backup
>> the "System State" in Windows 2000. This was enough to rebuild a new
>> domain
>> controler machine transparently for the users.
>> But, what about Samba? Should I just backup my /var/lib/samba/* files and
>> everything would be fine in the case of a new Samba in a new machine?
>> What
>> about the SID? In a different machine it is going to be different
>> isn't it?
>> Just a net setlocalsid OLDSIDNUMBER would be enough?
> Realistically, just how big is your server (I mean, the amount of data
> it stores - /bin, /usr etc., everything)?
> 1 GB? 2 GB? That's nothing.
> Perhaps dozens of GBs if you keep some extra data like user profiles for
> 400 users - but then, you surely make a backup of that, anyway.
> Just backup everything, it's easiest.

He has a valid point though... let's say that he wants to just move
Samba from this server to that server -- maybe separating applications
on a box, or... who knows what else... He wants to make sure he can just
do some sort of cutover and it will work; in that case, one DOES need to
make sure they know what files are necessary. The one that contains the
domain SID is very important (or at least, knowing what your domain SID
is before a move)... but I think this stuff is all covered in detail in
the manual. Am I wrong?

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