[Samba] Backup of Samba Server files

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at wpkg.org
Mon Sep 17 20:24:20 GMT 2007

Steve Scanavarro schrieb:
> Hello everyone.
> I have a Samba+LDAP server running here in my company.
> Everything is working fine, but I'm now worried about the backup of my
> configurations.
> In the LDAP, I just slapcat my base to an ldif file and that's everything
> ok!
> But in Samba, if I need to upgrade to a new machine, how am I gonna be able
> to create another Samba server, with the SAME configurations? By "same
> configurations", I mean, same domain name, same netbios name and without
> asking all my 400 users to exit the domain COMPANY (old machine) and joining
> the COMPANY (yeah, same name) of the new machine again?
> In the past, when the MS Active Directory was used here, we used to backup
> the "System State" in Windows 2000. This was enough to rebuild a new domain
> controler machine transparently for the users.
> But, what about Samba? Should I just backup my /var/lib/samba/* files and
> everything would be fine in the case of a new Samba in a new machine? What
> about the SID? In a different machine it is going to be different isn't it?
> Just a net setlocalsid OLDSIDNUMBER would be enough?

Realistically, just how big is your server (I mean, the amount of data 
it stores - /bin, /usr etc., everything)?

1 GB? 2 GB? That's nothing.
Perhaps dozens of GBs if you keep some extra data like user profiles for 
400 users - but then, you surely make a backup of that, anyway.

Just backup everything, it's easiest.

Tomasz Chmielewski

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