[Samba] Adding printer port from Win2K client

James Perry james.perry at frontiernet.net
Mon Sep 17 14:32:51 GMT 2007

Thanks Martin & Gerald,

I actually spent last friday night figuring out my printer woes, and  
I discovered exactly what Martin just described. I installed the  
printers on the server (and hence, map various printers to the  
appropriate ports on the server machine), and modified my smb.conf  
file to use cups to provide a list of available printers to my  
windows clients. Works like a charm.

Now I need to figure out why network browsing is so incredibly slow...

Thanks again for your help folks!!


On Sep 17, 2007, at 3:07 AM, Martin Zielinski wrote:

> James Perry schrieb:
>> Hello all,
> [...]
> Hello James,
>> My problem is in trying to add additional printer ports. Maybe  
>> this can't be done, or I have to find an alternate way of doing  
>> this. I have 2 HP LaserJet 5Si printers, both are network  
>> printers. I don't want to have to install drivers locally on every  
>> single machine, so I thought I would try to set up the TCP/IP  
>> printer ports and bind the printers to these ports, and all would  
>> be wonderful. I go to the server properties
> [...]
> Although my english is a bit limited, I think you have a little  
> missunderstanding here.
> If you just want to make your network printers available, you will  
> have to add them to your underlying printing system on the samba  
> server.
> This might be "cups" or another print spooler (try http://localhost: 
> 631 in your webbrowser on the samba server).
> Once you've added this network printer to your server and restarted  
> samba, these printers will be available from your windows clients.
> Nonetheless they still will use the "Samba Printer Port" as printer  
> port.
> [...]
> Samba has no print spooler itself. So the concept of "printer  
> ports" is not neccessary for samba.
> Bye,
> Martin

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