[Samba] Adding printer port from Win2K client

Martin Zielinski mz at seh.de
Mon Sep 17 07:07:24 GMT 2007

James Perry schrieb:
> Hello all,

Hello James,

> My problem is in trying to add additional printer ports. Maybe this 
> can't be done, or I have to find an alternate way of doing this. I have 
> 2 HP LaserJet 5Si printers, both are network printers. I don't want to 
> have to install drivers locally on every single machine, so I thought I 
> would try to set up the TCP/IP printer ports and bind the printers to 
> these ports, and all would be wonderful. I go to the server properties 
Although my english is a bit limited, I think you have a little 
missunderstanding here.

If you just want to make your network printers available, you will have 
to add them to your underlying printing system on the samba server.
This might be "cups" or another print spooler (try http://localhost:631 
in your webbrowser on the samba server).

Once you've added this network printer to your server and restarted 
samba, these printers will be available from your windows clients.
Nonetheless they still will use the "Samba Printer Port" as printer port.

Samba has no print spooler itself. So the concept of "printer ports" is 
not neccessary for samba.


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