[Samba] Problem on displaying groupquota info

Fabiano Caixeta Duarte fabiano at fearp.usp.br
Fri Sep 14 23:00:32 GMT 2007


I have samba-3.0.25a working on a FreeBSD6.2 server.

It was been compiled with-quota support.

It was supposed to be working well with userquota and groupquota. Actually it 
is ok with userquotas. But it is passing wrong information about groupquota.

On the server, 'quota -g sti' shows

Disk quotas for group sti (gid 1001):
    Filesystem   usage   quota   limit   grace   files   quota   limit   grace
        /group 4339050 5242880 5242880            7279       0       0

As you can see, I set 5GB quota size for that group. Unfortunatelly, clients 
using windows are informed that this share has 63,9GB of total size and 34,6GB 
free space.

grep groupquota /etc/fstab says:
/dev/da0s1g  /group   ufs rw,noexec,groupquota,acls    2     2

Note that quota is working well. No one can exceed the size.

The problem is restricted to wrong information.

I hope you can help.

Thanks in advance!

Fabiano Caixeta Duarte
Especialista em Redes de Computadores
Seção Técnica de Informática

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