[Samba] Adding printer port from Win2K client

James Perry james.perry at frontiernet.net
Fri Sep 14 15:12:05 GMT 2007

Hello all,

I have been using the latest edition of "Using Samba" to set up a  
Samba server in our local school. Everything has been working great  
thus far. I've been asked to get printers going, so I thought I would  
share the printers using Samba, and have the clients 'connect' to the  
printers and get the drivers from the server. This works fine if I  
install, say, a HP LaserJet 4 on the local parallel printer port of  
the server, I can share the printer, the drivers get installed on the  
clients when I connect, and I can print fine.

My problem is in trying to add additional printer ports. Maybe this  
can't be done, or I have to find an alternate way of doing this. I  
have 2 HP LaserJet 5Si printers, both are network printers. I don't  
want to have to install drivers locally on every single machine, so I  
thought I would try to set up the TCP/IP printer ports and bind the  
printers to these ports, and all would be wonderful. I go to the  
server properties dialog, and go to the ports tab, and the generic  
Samba printer port is available. I click Add..., and follow the APW  
(Add Port Wizard) right up through the last step (same as I would if  
I were installing the printer on the machine locally), and click OK  
-- at this point I get a "Access Denied" dialog. I am using an  
account with SePrintOperatorPrivelege privileges, as I was able to  
upload the drivers to the server. Maybe this can not be done this  
way, and I have to configure the networked printers on the server, I  
don't know -- I'm relatively new to this. I've searched the web,  
looked through loads of documentation, and I don't find anything that  
elaborates on setting up additional printer ports on the server.

If anyone has some experience with this and could enlighten me, I'd  
be forever in your debt :-)

Other than this small hurdle, Samba has been fantastic!!

Samba Rocks!


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