[Samba] howwinbind cache time works

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Sep 14 12:58:48 GMT 2007

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Gianluca Culot wrote:
> Hello list
> I' ve a question regarding Samba Documentation
> I could not figure out how Winbind chace time works
> I know thsi parameter is user to configure a period of time in which the
> samba server  "retain" user credential to speed up access... 
> What I need to know is WHEN this time starts and is renewed
> the countdown is restarted every time the user authenticates ?
> or is a cicle starting since the first user login (let's say of the day )
> and is restarted at the first user login after the countdown expired ?

The "winbind cache time" refers to a period check made by winbindd.
It is not related to the time a user logs one.  It is more
reasonably related to the start time of winbindd.

cheers, jerry
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