[Samba] i have some trouble about samba networking

Aldo Desatura biodatapersonalia at ramayana.co.id
Fri Sep 14 02:05:56 GMT 2007


hello all, i am a newbie one on this community, i want to introduce my self,
my name is Aldo Desatura, 27 years old work on jakarta as freelancer admin
on Internet Cafe, now i have some trouble about samba networking lets see
the schema

IP :
Windows XP Home Edition
+Mcaffee Antivirus & Firewall installed
+Central of Software Invoice Transaction
IP :
GW :
Kubuntu Workstation (Linux) client 01 - 10
IP : - 10
GW :
Samba Installed
all client are cloned using clonezilla

now, the trouble is when Windows XP searching Workstation on the network i
just see client 01 and 10 on the workgroup, if we see on client 06 then
workgroup showing client 06 and 07 only,  on the client 08 we 'll see
workgroup just client08 & client 09 only... i am confuse whats wrong with my
workgroup..?? oh before we search client on network samba will say this "
samba couldnt work, check if the computer lock by firewalled", please help
me this is make me confused

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