[Samba] Recycle bin in 2.2.5

Tim Bates tin at new-life.org.au
Thu Sep 13 01:29:01 GMT 2007

Terry VanDerMaarel wrote:
> Yeah, yeah, I know v2.2.x is no longer supported. However, I have a 
> stable running release of this and would rather not upgrade, but I 
> need to add a recycle bin. I have successfully added a recycle bin to 
> a v3.0.10 release and am wondering when the 'vfs objects = recycle' 
> option was introduced. Do I need to upgrade?
It appears it was present as far back as 2.2.5, though I can't find an 
exact version when it was introduced.
You probably don't have to upgrade, but it might be a good idea to 
consider it anyway.


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