[Samba] Samba 3.0.26a Available for Download

Ed Kasky ed at esson.net
Wed Sep 12 02:35:52 GMT 2007

At 09:08 AM Tuesday, 9/11/2007, Ray Anderson wrote -=>
>>In your migration back to src, any special considerations?  Or will 
>>you just remove the rpm and install from the src?  Any 
>>considerations for the smb.conf?  I can't think of any off hand 
>>myself, but thought I'd put it out on the list just in case...
>In my particular situation, removing the rpm also removed the 
>/var/log/samba dir and all subtrees, so if you want the log history 
>of the machines, back that up first, and restore after removing the rpm.
>Otherwise, you must create the /var/log/samba directory.
>Also, for the Redhat/Fedora users, you will want to backup the 
>/etc/init.d/smbd script and then restore and edit to point to the 
>/usr/local/samba/sbin directory.  Other than that, the migration was 
>quite painless, and now I'm finally running an up to date samba with 
>an up to date samba-vscan vfs plugin.

Thanks for all the input.  I am going to try rebuilding the rpm's 
from the src rpm first.  If that fails for any reason, I will then 
try installing from the tar ball trying to reproduce all the file 
paths, etc.  I will pass on any worthwhile notes if it differs from 
what's already been posted...



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