[Samba] Automatic printer-driver download - slow respons from printers

bsnottum at hkskole.no bsnottum at hkskole.no
Tue Sep 11 13:20:35 GMT 2007


I am running samba-3.0.10-1.4E.12.2 on centos 4.4. My clients are windows
xp with sp2. I am running cups-1.1.22-0.rc1.9.20.2.

I have configured automatic printer-driver download. When I install the
printer on a client it takes a very long time to initialize the printer.
After installation if you try to klick file - print in e.g words it also
takes about 1 min before the print dialouge box opens. The print job
itself is fast enough.

I have this error message in cups error_log: get_printer_attrs: resource
name '/printers/PERSROM' no good! The strange thing is that this printer
is deleted long ago - it does not excist in any cups configuration files.
Why is cups still asking about it?

I have tried out printing on windows 2000 - it does not seem to be any
problems with these clients.

I have tried all tricks with removing printer information from registry,
and I have also reinstalled winxp - nothing helps.

I have been working with this problem for a long time know, can anyone
help me with this?



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