[Samba] broken pipe

Chuck Kollars ckollars9 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 11 04:25:16 GMT 2007

Just a guess - I'm not a Samba guru:

This looks to me like the student shutdown procedure
is "press the power button" rather than click
Start->Shutdown->Shutdown->OK. If so, the solution is
"don't do that". 

In summary, if the students turn off the power while
some disk operations are still pending in the PC's
memory, there's nothing Samba can do to make it right.
The best it can do is sense something is wrong, force
all the files closed, and force a disconnect  ...which
seems to be exactly what it's doing. 

Maybe it's time for a short lesson in "orderly
shutdown". Especially make sure the teacher
understands the awful consequences of an abrupt
shutdown. It's like having a power failure every day.
Show them the logs. Better yet, find a student file
that's unusable because it's corrupted and show them

It's very believable to me that the herd mentality has
asserted itself and all the students are doing the
same (wrong?) thing. If the students are working right
up to the class end time, then want to leave as
quickly as possible, instruct them it's better
(although not great:-) to _start_ an orderly shutdown
then leave than it is to turn off the power. 


-Chuck Kollars

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