[Samba] Can't transfer files larger than 2GB from hpux to Win2K...

Kevin Lister klister at ccah-alliance.org
Mon Sep 10 20:00:54 GMT 2007

I run an automated process from cron that uploads a large file from my
HP/UX server to a PC running Windows 2000 weekly.
The process began to fail once the size of the uploaded file gre to over
2GB in size.
I've upgraded the Samba 2.2 installation to Samba 3.0.10 but that hasn't
fixed the problem.
We are running NTFS filesystems on the Windows server. From what I
understand there is no 2GB file size limit on NTFS.
I would appreciate any thoughts on this problem.
Kevin Lister - Unix Systems Administrator
Central Coast Alliance for Health
831 430-5655
klister at ccah-alliance.org

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