Any filesystem for Samba shares? (Was: Re: [Samba] How to use ZFS volume)

Nicolas Dorfsman ndorfsman at
Mon Sep 10 15:07:10 GMT 2007

2007/8/31, Thomas Flaig <thomas.flaig at>:
> Am Donnerstag, 30. August 2007 13:34 schrieb Nicolas Dorfsman:
> > Brrrrrr.  What a strange idea to network-share a network mount !
> > How could you justify such a buggy way of build your IT architecture ?
> The background of this solution was explained in:
> Message-Id: <200708221143.47492.thomas.flaig at> [1]
> I know that a better solution would be:
> * not to purchase blackboxes, which are also known as NAS,
> * and to have only fast and up-to-date servers as stanby systems.

The best would be to put Samba AND NFS shares on the same server.
I'm sure you can't for historical reason...

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