[Samba] authentication error with krb5 & winbind at "login" or "su"

Peter Gehirnforce Gehirnmann at gmx.de
Mon Sep 10 07:34:12 GMT 2007

I have a debian box with krb5, winbind and tested several configurations suggested for binding the box to a win-2003 server for user authentication.

As of now I can successfully authenticate/request/ckeck tickets with:
-wbinfo -a
-wbinfo -g

Even though I don't know if this is an error, I cannot do:
-wbinfo -u
Problems arise with my pam in "su" and with the login shell. The login process fails completly with not asking me for my password correctly and aborting the login procedure. 
"su" currently only tells me: "su: Authentication failure" or if I put winbind as a "required" authentication, it says: "su: Authentication token manipulation error".

My user I'm trying to authenticate is not a local user on the machine. The logs are not really telling me news, they only output "authentication error", thats it. Everything else seems to be ok.

Any ideas?

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