[Samba] Different user permissions on the same share

Marco A. Ferra MAFerra at isq.pt
Sun Sep 9 12:12:47 GMT 2007

Hi Samba users list, I hope you can help me.

I have installed Samba on a OpenBSD machine that belongs to a network
that have a bunch of Windows 2000 and Windows XP machines.  These
Windows machines are part of a Windows Domain but not the OpenBSD

The problem is this:

On the OpenBSD machine I need to create one share that anybody can read
but only some users can write to.  Well, if the "security = share",
anybody could read or could read/write, but I can't define some users
that can write.  (I have read the documention and it seems that, by
design, the option "write list" on Samba 3.x doesn't work with "security
= share", correct me if I'm mistaken).

The best situation possible is, because the user on the Windows machine
is already identified himself on the Domain, the Samba should see the
username that is trying to access the share and, without asking for a
password, give to him write permissions.  (remember that anyone is able
to read the files at all times!)

The second best situation is for the Samba to ask a password to that
user.  Please keep in mind that this machine should be isolated on the
network so it will not join the Windows Domain.

In conclusion:

This should be done under the same share point;  all users can read but
only some users can write, and they shouldn't supply a password.

Can any of you point me the right directions for doing this?

Any help would be very appreciated,

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