[Samba] workgroup > join domain with same name = no issue? I don't get it

John H Terpstra jht at samba.org
Sun Sep 9 02:35:11 GMT 2007

On Saturday 08 September 2007 20:12, Michael Schmitt wrote:
> Hi list,
> right now I run a test setup for samba as a PDC, nearly everything works
> great but I have some issues / questions. One is related to the docs
> (samba howto collection), there is stated that it is not a good idea to
> have a local workgroup and create a domain with the exact same name and
> join the windows boxes ther. It is said that this will fail or at least
> it will have some problems. But here, what should I say, it worked like
> a charm. I kicked the boxes again out of the domain, rejoind them,
> purged the PDC stuff, restarted from scratch and tried it again, all the
> time with the same domain / workgroup / local DNS domain.
> As this is right now just testing I am a bit worried I may run into
> preblems if I do this in production networks. Could someone elaborate on
> this please?
> regards
> Michael

Please file a bug report with a clear reference to the chapter and section 
number that has the defective documentation.  An extract of the actual text 
would help us to track this down and fix it.

Spurious claims that the documentation is flaky does noone any good. Please 
help us to fix the documents if they are in error or are broken.


- John T.

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