[Samba] Setting up Print$ share

Ryan Novosielski novosirj at umdnj.edu
Fri Sep 7 21:34:06 GMT 2007

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Ken Smith wrote:
> The environment is FC5, Samba V3.0.24-4. I'm trying to set up the print$
> share.
> From an XP SP2 client I navigate to the "Printers and Faxes" folder
> showing from the Samba server. Following the directions from the howto,
> I right click on one of the printers etc etc.
> The driver does upload to the share, I can see it there on the server,
> but when the APW wizard closes and returns to the printer properties
> box, clicking OK at that point gives the error "Printer settings could
> not be saved. Access is denied". I guess that's when the .tdb databases
> are updated via rpc to finish the installation.
> I'm logged in as root on a PC that is a domain member. Root is a member
> of a group that is mapped to domain admins. In other respects the
> account behaves as administrator.
> Is there some obvious config setting that I have missed?

See what the logs say... there may be a permissions problem in the
actual PATH for these things... I don't know who-all your users map to
in UNIX, but there are Samba permissions and the actual UNIX FS
permissions to contend with.

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