[Samba] Problem with Defaulting Groups and AD

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I'm really frustrated with SAMBA.  All I want to do is have my users
authenticate using the domain controller, keep them restricted to their
own individual folder and disk quota, and have them back up their

The weird group membership that SAMBA is defaulting is pretty much
screwing the pooch for me.  Trying to over ride the SAMBA default group
membership to set it to what I know it needs to be in order for the Unix
file permissions to work isn't "pointless".  It's hard to back up to a
server that doesn't think you have write permissions.  

If you can tell me what I need to do to make it work, I'd be quite

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> Vital Stats - AMD 64-bit CPU, Ubuntu 7.0.4 (Feisty Fawn), 
> Samba 3.0.24,
> Win2003 AD Domain
> I'm not sure how to make it stop doing it.  When a user 
> "logs in" they get an automatically assigned group
> of "domain users" which doesn't actually exist in
> any of the file permissions.  I've tried setting group
> = %G and force group = %G but neither one is working.  

That says "force the group membership to the user's
primary group" which is pointless.  Not sure what you
are trying to do.  If you are runnign winbindd (assuming
so), then just add "domain users" the acl permissions?
Or some other domain group that you want.

> If anyone knows how to suppress this, I'd be greatly

Suppress what?

> appreciative.  As things stand, users can map the share
< but now everything is write only, despite specifically
> being stipulated at writeable.

You always get the most restrictive permission set
between smb.conf, share permissions, and file system permissions.

cheers, jerry
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