[Samba] Re: forcing XP clients to use CIFS

Jason Cox jason.cox at multiskilled.com.au
Wed Sep 5 00:34:40 GMT 2007

	I had the same problem but its not a samba issue. The problem is in
the old tcp/ip setting in windows. Back in the beging windows had a small
tcp window size and it never changed. By adding the following to the
registry you can increase it to something more apropriate for 100M nic's

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



This help me no end with my backups. Increased network thru put by a factor
of 30. 
So give it ago and let me know.

http://rdweb.cns.vt.edu/public/notes/win2k-tcpip.htm will explain it a bit


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Matt Seitz (matseitz) wrote:
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>> On Wed, 2007-08-29 at 21:48 +0200, Jax wrote:
>>> I guess there is a registry value for it. As I noticed winxp try to
> use 
>>> smbfs first not cifs. In linux it's easier because you can choose
> when 
>>> you mount your shares.
>> smbfs v cifsvfs is a matter of two implementations of the protocol
>> client, that happen to exist in the Linux Kernel.  
>> Windows XP only has one CIFS client, there is nothing to choose. 
> Maybe Jax meant getting the Windows CIFS client to always use SMB Direct
> Host (TCP port 445), instead of using NetBIOS/TCP (TCP port 139)?
No I just thought there is a switch for it. Because in linux when I 
mount a share with CIFS, I can use almost the whole link speed (100mbit) 
when I copy files but when I mount the share with smbfs then its average 
3-7mbit/sec and I experience the same on XP.

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