[Samba] Garbage at end-of-file on repeated seeks (like tail)

Suds suds.samba at mekats.ukfsn.org
Tue Sep 4 06:44:51 GMT 2007


I've couple of issues with a samba server (v3.0.10) running on Solaris 10.

1. On a linux client v3.0.24, when I 'tail -f' a file mounted via samba, I'm
seeing junk(lot of ^@ characters) being printed along with the text from
file. It's not a problem with the 'tail' program itself as the same
behaviour is seen while using follow mode in 'less' as well.
2. On a windows client, using cygwin, I can not follow the file with tail at
all. 'tail -f' just stops after printing last few lines of the file.

Some one help please. Could it be some setting on the server which we need
to change?

Many thanks

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