[Samba] How to make "Add permission" for folder in system withntacl support?

Georgy Goshin gosha at inbox.ee
Wed Oct 31 17:37:32 GMT 2007


Let's go back to this topic please! I have to replace the Windows NT 4.0 
server with Samba but I still don't know how to do this. I need to allow to 
someone (some user group) the right to add files into the folder. They use 
this "feature" on current NT server ver often and to this in the following 

1. Rightclick on file you want to add, Copy, then go to server, for exaple 
(\\main\), locate the desired share name, rightclick on it and Paste.
2. Just drag the files you want to add to desired sharename.

But when you will try to go in the same share, you will receive the 
"permission denied" message and will  not be able to read the files or just 
list them.

Is there a way to make it with Samba or not?

> setfacl -m g:"ntadmins":rwx -R /home/ntadmins
> Now, the second type of permissions apply to any file (or directory) that 
> is created in /home/ntadmins:
> setfacl -m d:g:"ntusers":--- -R /home/ntadmins

> The effect of the second setfacl command says that the group ntusers will 
> be explicitly given no access to any file or directory created in 
> /home/ntadmins.

I tried to do this way but it create a subfile or subfolder readoble and 
writeable at lease by creator. In case with NT user who has a right only for 
adding files can not go into the folder and see and read the content there 
even if he just added this content into this folder or share.

Please point me to the right way, thanks.


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