[Samba] Too many smb processes

Christoph Kaegi kaph at zhaw.ch
Wed Oct 31 07:19:26 GMT 2007

On 29.10-10:46, William Chan wrote:
>  I have been using samba on a linux box like this for years. Users do not 
>  have any problem accessing the linux files. However I have noticed that the 
>  number of smbd processes keeps growing. This phenomenon also occurred 
>  earlier when I
>  was using samba 3.0.25

Can you check if you have lots of open sockets in CLOSE_WAIT state?
(netstat -na)?

I had this problem for the first time last week. It occured three
times so far. It seemed Samba wasn't terminating the smbd processes
anymore after the FIN packets arrived from the clients.

We're at 3.0.25b.


Christoph Kaegi                                           kaph at zhaw.ch

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