[Samba] Compile samba to ARM cross compiler

herman herman at aeronetworks.ca
Wed Oct 31 04:26:25 GMT 2007

hce wrote:
> Hi,
> Can the samba be compiled by ARM cross compiler (arm/3.4.1/arm-linux)?
> I am currently downloaded samba-3.0.26a tar ball. I guess I have
> following two choices, please advice which one make sense.
> 1. Run configurate under a linux pc distribution such as FC6, then
> modify Makefile to the cross compiler path and lib.
> 2. Modify configurate to directly run under ARM cross compiler.
> Thank you.
> Jim
1 and 2 amounts to the same thing.  I have compiled Samba for the Arm 
about 5 years ago, so it can probably still be done.  Please don't ask 
me anything about it though...

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