[Samba] archive attribute and samba share

cent9ur sun.vijay at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 03:43:11 GMT 2007


I have a samba / debian implementation with XFS which I am trying to backup.

The samba share was a windows file share before.  I migrated the share only
to the debian box. 

I am only looking to backup the share data and not the server itself.  That
is done by some other means. On Windows I used ntbackup to perform a normal
backup once a week to a removable hard drive for the share only.  The daily
differential backups go to the same device and I  maintain them in a
seperate bkf.  This only includes files that changed since my last normal
backup.  From my understanding this is because the archive attribute gets
cleared on a normal backups.  This saves me some space and time.  Since I
moved to the samba share I am unable to maintain this strategy as the
archive attribute does not seem to work the same way. 

For example, if I change the attribute (uncheck) and then change the file
content, the attribute does not get checked (this works on windows ntfs). 
On samba, this does nothing to the checkbox for some files (for example for
a .doc file.  However, it seems to work for .txt files).  Also, I have
noticed that once I change a file, the created, modified and accessed time
stamps seem to change altogether.  What options do I use to keep these
consistent to windows behaviour?

Appreciate if someone could explain this in detail.

1. "map archive = yes" - What exactly does this do?  The documentation says
this maps to owner 0100.  Does this mean if I check the archive checkbox
this makes the file 0100 and 0000 if unchecked in Linux FS.

2. "store dos attributes = yes" - do I need this global option if I want to
map the bits (archive and system and hidden) or is this default.

3. I want to continue to use ntbackup with normal and differential backups,
is this achievable?
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