[Samba] best practices for naming directories

Mike Seda maseda at unc.edu
Tue Oct 30 22:00:29 GMT 2007

First off, I know that naming directories is completely arbitrary, but I 
am just trying to get some opinions regarding best practices.

I only use one samba share (home). There is a symlink called "share" in 
each users' $HOME that points to /opt/data/share, which has a *many* 
subdirectories (owned by certain groups). Since there are so many 
subdirectories, I am reluctant to make them into separate shares. I 
tried this once. Users just had too many drives mounted, which is what 
made me decided to consolidate.

Basically, I think it is confusing to have the "share" symlink in the 
home share. In addition, it is confusing to have /opt/data/share as an 
NFS share. I just think that the name of the link and directory "share" 
should be replaced with one of the following:

Any thoughts or suggestions?


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