[Samba] Can't see or change ACLs on Windows

Eric Diven eric.diven at edsiohio.com
Tue Oct 30 15:29:53 GMT 2007

Whoops, meant to go to the list, sorry.


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On Tue, Oct 30, 2007 at 10:59:41AM -0400, Eric Diven wrote:
> Okay, here's what I've figured out from trying to do what you

Well, so far we haven't seen any debug logs.


So far, neither have I.  I'm getting nothing in the logs on either
CentOS or Solaris when I do anything from the windows client.  Neither
the mtimes nor the file sizes on the logs that get generated at startup
are changing, and I'm not getting any new logfiles for client machines
that log on:

"Annoyingly, I'm not getting any logging for clients.  Why, I don't
I see start-up messages correctly in the log.smbd file, including those
at log level 10, but not ones from clients.

Here are the logging-related lines from smbd.conf

# this tells Samba to use a separate log file for each machine # that
   log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m

# Put a capping on the size of the log files (in Kb).
   max log size = 50"

^ From yesterday ^

If I could trouble you with a really stupid question:  Do I need to jack
the logging up on nmbd to 10 as well?  I'm working under the assumption
that this is an smbd problem, so that's where I've turned up the
logging.  We all know of course what happens when you assume ;-) 


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