[Samba] Samba 3.0.26a generating 'Failed to parse RR/answer record'

Eric Boehm boehm at nortel.com
Tue Oct 30 13:12:43 GMT 2007

I upgraded from Samba-3.0.20a to Samba-3.0.26a.

I am now seeing in my logs

  resolve_ads: Attempting to resolve DC's for CORP.NORTEL.COM using DNS
[2007/10/30 09:03:35, 4, pid=1482] ../source/libads/dns.c:ads_dns_lookup_srv(356
  ads_dns_lookup_srv: 22 records returned in the answer section.
[2007/10/30 09:03:35, 1, pid=1482] ../source/libads/dns.c:ads_dns_parse_rr_srv(1
  ads_dns_parse_rr_srv: Failed to parse RR record
[2007/10/30 09:03:35, 1, pid=1482] ../source/libads/dns.c:ads_dns_lookup_srv(387
  ads_dns_lookup_srv: Failed to parse answer record!
[2007/10/30 09:03:35, 8, pid=1482] ../source/libsmb/namequery.c:get_dc_list(1505

Increasing debugging level to 10 didn't shed any light.

I did build 3.0.20a about 2 years ago using different versions of SSL,
SASL, LDAP, MIT Kerberos.

Any suggestions how to track down the real problem or should I submit
this through bugzilla.samba.org?

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