[Samba] Disculpen ?Se puede escribir en espanol?

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Tue Oct 30 06:25:52 GMT 2007

Quoting Roylan Suarez Reyes (roylan04012 at pri.jovenclub.cu):
> Hola colegas
>   Disculpen por mi pregunta, yo se que la lista es en Ingles, pero me gustaria saber si se puede escribir en Espanol, y si exiten muchos que hables nuestro idioma...

For those who do no speak/read Spanish, Roylan is asking whether it would
be allowed to send messages in Spanish to the list as many people (and
I assume Samba users) are not comfortable writing in English (this is
intepretation by /me). He knows that the list is an English-speaking one.

Roylan, from what I read up to now, many of us are non native speakers
of English (myself included....just hear my french accent). "Allowing"
messages in languages other than English could lead to a big mess in
the list as we could rapidly end up with a list full of German,
Spanish, French, Portuguese, etc.

This is very probably a matter of being reasonable: if someone wants
to discuss an important issue and be sure to get as many readers as
possible, it is probably always possible to ask for help translating a
message (and answers....that can rapidly become a complicated task).

If there are enough needs, you also could consider creating a
Spanish-speaking list. It could even maybe be hosted on
lists.samba.org...but I don't know about the Samba Team's policy about
this (that could lead to requests for lists in a few other languages).

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