[Samba] Office 2007 Documents Read Only in Samba Share SOLUTION

Server Gremlin servergremlyn at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 14:52:21 GMT 2007

The permissions mode on Microsoft Office 2007 documents changes to 0400 when
the file is saved for the first time in a Samba share.  A number of
solutions seem to be floating around that fix this problem, but there seems
to be very little you can do if you're using roaming profiles and the
profile is stored under the user's home directory.  (Example -
/sambahomes/john/profile)  This is because the commonly offered solutions,
such as settting "profile acls = no" fix the Office 2007 saving problem, but
break user profiles.

Add the line "force security mode = 0770" to the Samba share.

This appears to solve the problem, but I haven't implemented it on the real
thing yet.  Before I do, I'd like to know if anyone has any caveats about
adding this line to all my share definitions.

- SG

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