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Bj ø rn Tore Sund bjorn.sund at it.uib.no
Wed Oct 24 17:19:40 GMT 2007

I think (or choose to assume) that Thierry meant to answer to the list, not
to me personally.

On 22/10/07 22:58, "Thierry Lacoste" <lacoste at miage.univ-paris12.fr> wrote:

> On Monday 22 October 2007 22:27, you wrote:
>> On 19/10/07 10:13, "Thierry Lacoste" <lacoste at miage.univ-paris12.fr> wrote:
>>> I have it working in an LDAP context.
>>> However I was unable to make KDE work.
>>> http://lists.samba.org/archive/samba/2006-July/122347.html
>>> If you make some progress please let me know.
>> Mount.cifs will only work with KDE if you mount with '-o serverino'.
>> -BT
> Thanks a lot.
> I will try that soon.
> I've long been trying to replace my insecure nfs mounts
> with cifs mounts but I wasn't prepared to do it in production
> (especially because of KDE issues).
> AFAICS you seem to believe it is sensible choice.

A: Because it fouls the order in which people normally read text.
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A: Top-posting.
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I moved your reply to below my text...

That said.  Yes, and no.  I've used cifs in production on 600 Linux clients
for 18 months.  It works, but not as well as I'd like, and in some contexts
it fails to meet my purposes.  Which is why we, sometime this spring or next
summer, will be moving to NFSv4 for home directories.  We have the Kerberos
structure in place, meaning that the main obstacle isn't one.

For more than 90 of our users, cifs works perfectly.  For the remainder, it
is a continuing cause of frustration and irritation that umask doesn't work,
file create mode follows server-side settings not creation programme
settings and is anything but easy to get the way it should be.  Much of this
comes down to file permission settings being mapped to Windows file system
functionality of various sorts, which for us is a complete non-starter -
these Samba servers only serve data to Linux machines.  A few applications
(mutt and eclipse, from the top of my head, a few others) behave very
erratic with cifs, and unless you have a very tightly run ntp service emacs
and various other editor-like applications will snafu on you, too.

If these things don't bother you, cifs should serve your purposes.  The slow
file performances has been less of an issue for us than I'd expected.
People are used to moving data they'll be chewing for more than a few
moments to local disk - networked disk is always slow.

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