[Samba] static wins entries -- samba migrates entries from static to dynamic

Christian Brandes christian.brandes at forschungsgruppe.de
Mon Oct 22 16:04:06 GMT 2007

I found some additional information about wins that helps to describe 
the problem:


The 1st situation is: (Migrate Off)
When presented with a registration request by a WINS client, that 
challenges a static mapping already in the server database, the 
WINS-Server prevents the client from registering and updating the 
statically mapped information.

The 2nd situation is: (Migrate On) (That is how Samba behaves.)
The WINS-Server permits previously entered static mappings to be 
overwritten by WINS client computers that attempt to register 
dynamically and update entries for these same names.

Is there a possibility to change Samba to behave like the 1st situation, 
i.e. to turn "Migrate Off"?

Or can this be done with a different Netbios Flag:

"SERVER1#00" 0 66R


I tried to play a bit with the 66R, but I did not find out the right way 
to make the entry "real static".

Best regards

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