[Samba] Samba "hijack" the connection?

herman herman at aeronetworks.ca
Mon Oct 22 05:01:48 GMT 2007

Fajar Priyanto wrote:
> On Monday 22 October 2007 11:24:47 herman wrote:
>> In Win XP, you can log into any one of a list of domains.  However, you
>> cannot be logged into more than one at a time.
> Hello Herman,
> Thanks for the reply. No, I don't want to logon to more than one domain at a 
> time. 
> The reason why we need this is because we're in the migration process. There 
> is already a w2k domain (WIN) and then we setup a samba domain (Jupiter.com). 
> We migrate the users little by little by joining them to Jupiter.com. 
> However, there is a requirement when the management want they would still 
> able to logon back to WIN. This is when the error occurs.
> Here's the screenshot.
You can force WinXP to leave the Samba domain and join another using the 
'netdom' command.

The syntax of this command is:

NETDOM JOIN machine /Domain:domain [/OU:ou path][/UserD:user]
        [/PasswordD:[password | *]]
        [UserO:user] [/PasswordO:[password | *]]
        [/REBoot[:Time in seconds]]

NETDOM JOIN Joins a workstation or member server to the domain.

machine is the name of the workstation or member server to be joined

/Domain      Specifies the domain which the machine should join. You
                can specify a particular domain controller by entering
                /Domain:domain\dc. If you specify a domain controller, you
                must also include the user's domain. For
                example: /UserD:domain\user

/UserD          User account used to make the connection with the domain
                specified by the /Domain argument

/PasswordD      Password of the user account specified by /UserD.  A * means
                to prompt for the password

/UserO          User account used to make the connection with the machine to
                be joined

/PasswordO      Password of the user account specified by /UserO.  A * means
                to prompt for the password

/OU          Organizational unit under which to create the machine account.
                This must be a fully qualified RFC 1779 DN for the OU.
                If not specified, the account will be created under the 
                organization unit for machine objects for that domain.

/REBoot      Specifies that the machine should be shutdown and automatically
                rebooted after the Join has completed.  The number of 
                before automatic shutdown can also be provided.  Default is
                30 seconds

Windows Professional machines with the ForceGuest setting enabled (which 
is the
default for machines not joined to a domain during setup) cannot be remotely
administered. Thus the join operation must be run directly on the machine
when the ForceGuest setting is enabled.

When joining a machine running Windows NT version 4 or before to the domain
the operation is not transacted.  Thus, a failure during the operation could
leave the machine in an undetermined state with respect to the domain it is
joined to.

The act of joining a machine to the domain will create an account for the
machine on the domain if it does not already exist.

NETDOM HELP command | MORE displays Help one screen at a time.
The command completed successfully.

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